Posted on Dec 5, 2020

Julian Shuttles & Transfers

Welcome to Hopkins Village, Garifuna village located on the southern coast of Belize. Hopkins village started off as a fishing community with a population of 550 Garinagus. Fast forwarding to now, there are approximately 3,000 people living in Hopkins Belize, there are over 35 restaurants and many hotels and resorts.

Hopkins Village is known as the most friendliest place in Belize, aslo Hopkins is a top cultural destination in Belize. Immerse your self into the Garifuna culture when visiting Hopkins Village, experience the magical sounds of the Garifuna drums, cook and eat Garifuna food or hangout with the locals.

With the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Mayan Mountains to the west, Hopkins Village makes a perfect place to vacation to a beach destination while having easy access to the islands and the jungle of Belize.

Make your next #Belize vacation to Hopkins Village.

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